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Halacha Brura Institute

Founded in 5730 (1970), the Halacha Brura Institute's purpose was to finish the work begun by Rabbi Avraham Isaac HaCohen Kook zt"l, first Chief Rabbi of Israel, dealing with the elucidation of Jewish law from its talmudic sources and commentaries.

It was the Rav's desire to publish a new edition of the Talmud, which for the first time, would combine and reunite the study of Halacha and Gemara, which over the years had become two different and independent areas of study. For this challenge, one of the most important foundations was set, a Talmud which would "return" the basis of Gemara study to the summary of the Halachic conclusions in each and every sugyah, including side discussions which arise in the sugyot. This project was named by the Rav "Building of the Torah for generations".

During his lifetime, Rabbi Kook succeeded in completing the first half of this work called the Halacha Brura, implanting the relative Halachot on each page of the Talmud. The second half of his work, called Berur Halacha, that of bringing together in a clear and concise manner, all the various sources, their reasoning and final Halachic conclusions, is the work of a group made of some 36 scholars.

The first volume, Masechet Betza, was begun under the supervision of the Rav himself, but unfortunately a short time later he passed away, and many years passed by until his son Rabbi Tzvi Yehuda renewed this project.

Rav Aryeh Stern Shlit"a was chosen for this task, and until now serves as Director and chief editor of the Institute. The former Chief Rabbi Avraham Shapira zt"l served as honarary president.

Working today on the project are 26 scholars, among them 10 senior scholars. Many of the former scholars are today heads of Torah institutes, Kollels, and serve as Chief Rabbis in settlements.

This scholarly enterprise has received increasing acclaim from its users. Many thousands have purchased these volumes - scholars for use in Hesder Yeshivot, advanced Yeshivot, Yeshiva High School students, Batei Midrash of Bar Ilan University, Yeshiva University and other Talmudic research institutes, such as the Talmudic Encyclopedia. Many members of the wider public have joined our consumer list and make use of our Gemarot for Torah study classes held in their communities.


We ask you to join us with your support to further strengthen the Halacha Brura Institute.

Your support is essential, to ensure that we will be able to continue the monumental project, started by the late Chief Rabbi Avraham Y. HaCohen Kook zt"l, laying the proper foundations for the continuous building of the Torah.

Contributions can be sent to
Halacha B'rura Institute
P.O. Box 34300
Jerusalem, Israel


For further information, call or fax us at
Int'l: 972-2-6521259 (fax: 6537516)
Within Israel: (02) 6521259 (fax: 6537516)
or write us at:

All contributions may be given in yearly installments.

For making tax-deductible contributions from the USA, the easiest way is to donate through the PEF. See our page in the PEF website.

You can contribute or purchase our publications using Paypal here.

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